A Midsummer Night's Dream at SDSU

I was being scholarly today (reading the fascinating book Impersonations, by Stephen Orgel) when I came upon a quote that is perfectly relevant to Midsummer but also to youth culture in the late 1960s.

“Early Modern England was a patriarchal society. Fantasies of freedom in Shakespeare tend to take the form of escapes from the tyranny of elders to a world where the children can make their own society, which usually means where they can arrange their own marriages - and thereby enjoy the benefits of patriarchal structure rather than suffer its liabilities” (13-4).

What do you think?
Tom Snout
2/28/2010 15:11:28

I like how that fits in with the 1960's idea of communes and the ubiquitous nature of love and partnership that was prevalent at that time.

12/7/2010 14:21:08

thank you for your post!


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