A Midsummer Night's Dream at SDSU


Summer of LOVE

-Purpose & Intent: adolescents were determined to strike a counterculture fighting the US government and the development of a materialistic society

            -Driving factors: long hair, brightly colored clothes, free ‘love’ (larger selection of

birth control), uncontrolled substance use

-Began early January 1967 in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park with hope of being a “human be-in”

-More college, HS, and junior high students joined those in G.G. Park during their spring break, and decided to no longer be a “neurotic juvenile” but join the hippies

-Haight & Ashbury became the “community of anti-communities” and housed young adults  (approximately 100,000)

-Summer of Love “highlights”: music festivals, poetry readings, speeches, & theater

            -June ’67: Monterey Pop Festival with 30,000 in attendance

                        -“San Francisco” by the Mamas & the Papas became popular

                        -Hendrix, the Byrds, Otis Redding, & Joplin

-Summer of Love also in LA, Chicago, NYC, Montreal, Seattle, DC, Philadelphia, Portland, Toronto, & Europe

-Highest crime rate for major cities occurred during this summer=dwindle down by Sept.

Woodstock-summer of '69

-August 15-17, 1969: The Woodstock Music and Art Fair: An Aquarian Exposition aka “Three Days of Peace and Music” in Bethel, NY at Max Yasgurs 600 acre farm

-$18 advance tickets; $24 at the gate

-Youth sees music as a way to embrace alternative lifestyle and protest war

-Planned on 50,000 showing but 500,000 attended

  -Harsh conditions: food & water shortage, traffic, lack of restrooms

   -Bond grew among the crowd with little violence thanks to sharing in the harsh  conditions as well as a want to promote love

-Want to change the world by acceptance of all

-Some bands: Joplin, Sweetwater, the Who, CCR,  Grateful Dead, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Crocker, Hendrix

            -Declined invitations:  Beatles (lennon couldn’t get them together), Led Zepplin (higher paying gig in Jersey), Dylan (hated hippies), Jethro Tull (thought it wouldn’t be a big deal thing), Joni Mitchell (took on t.v. appearance instead)